Do you ever feel so alone?

>> Friday, October 15, 2010


Psalm 73:23a, "Yet I am always with you."
Sometimes we feel so alone.  We get busy with the mudane things of life and we just sometimes feel alone.  We can sometimes feel a void inside that we just want to fill up.  God's peace is the only thing that can fill that void.
In Psalm 73 we can see that God is ALWAYS with us.  What an amazing God.  Afterall, don't we all have a yearning for someone to love us unconditionally, someone to be with us at all times, someone to hear our hearts cry or rejoice with us?  We long to have someone to walk through life with us.. and He's RiGHT THERE ready and waiting.  All you have to do is ask. 
He's been there all this time.  He's watched you struggle; He has watched you triumph.  He has longed to comfort you when you are sad.  He's a God who LOVES His people. 
It's so simple.  Just ask.  Ask Him into your daily life.  Ask Him to walk with you, to guide you, to protect you.  Include Him in all things.  Watch how your life changes when you walk hand in hand with your loving Father.


Anonymous October 15, 2010 at 7:22 PM  

I was just thinking of this this evening. I have a friend who has had a difficult year, with a Father close to passing on, the loss of a much wanted baby, the loss of her dog....just enough to overwhelm and do a person in spiritually.

I was sharing with her about how our burdens are sometimes too much for us to bear...they are just overwhelming emotionally and can turn to bitterness...if left to deal with by ourselves...

I think the Lord is just waiting for us to cry out to him that it IS too much, and that we CANNOT do it on our surrender trying to deal with emotions/situations on our own....he is here, let his yoke carry the burdens and make our load can be so freeing...that we can get to the point where we ALLOW ourselves to cry out to him...and say...Lord, I cannot take any more, I cannot do this anymore"...may He set us free....may we come to a place of peace and rest where you can say..."It doesn't matter what you bring my way"...I don't have to be taxed, Lord are taking care of my load and my shoulders are light once again.

May we all get to that place that even in the midst of trying times we remember that we can still/need to be a blessing to others.

ok..enough for now...that's what happens when you are so passionate for the Lord....and you love to encourage others in the Lord as well.
(((Hugs))) I know you would understand :)

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