Christmas Decor :) I'm back!

>> Sunday, December 26, 2010

I'm back!  I had a pinched nerve and it was aweful!
Then, Madi and Sarah went back home to be with Kenny's brother and his wife.  (I adore them!)  They had *THE* best time!
So, now, it's time to catch up on blogging!

Here is our decor from this Christmas.  We had all of our Christmas decor and such stolen from our old house back home.  So this year, we had to start afresh!
Our table :)
Upclose.  The reindeer was filled with beautiful smelling potpouri.
The candy cane candle had glittery glitz all over it!
The little table cloth really stood out in our kitchen and I enjoyed it.
So, I think I will get an "every day" table cloth now.  *vinyl*
It really just worked so well!  We all went together to Home G00ds to pick out all of our goodies!  (except I got the table cloth for $5 at Wal M@rt)

I loved the mantle.
The plant and candle in front of it are the ones I chose to remember my grandfather, Karo, who just died.  The rest we got while out getting our goodies!  We put a big beautiful green taper candle in the candle holder and burned it each night and it was beautiful!

This tree in it's gorgeous vase was perfect for the window above our door.  It lit up and was so beautiful at night.  Plus, you could see it outside.  It was so pretty!

Our Christmas tree with the gifts underneath!
Oh have I got a story to share!!  LOL!
While the girls were gone I put Hannah Joy down for a little nap with me, and when I got up she had woke up before me and unwrapped ALL but ONE gift under the tree.  The living room was covered in wrapping paper and gifts.  I wanted to cry but it was actually funny after I got it all RE-wrapped!  ;)  LiL Turkey!

This was a favorite outdoors!  I LOVE snowmen!!!!
We don't do "Santa" so I'm overboard on snowmen!
Kenny picked this out and I was so surprised.  He got it at wally world and I didn't realize he got it.  It stood 4 ft. tall and sure made me smile!  :)  The girls and Kenny loved it too!

They were out of the little things you lay across your shrubs to light them up so Daddy (my hubby Kenny) got icicle lights and here they are all working together to stretch out the lights and get them ready for layers and layers on the shrubs!

A side view - oh how I loved it!
They did a super job!  Mom helped some too but I was decorating inside mostly.  It was too cold out there!  LOL!

Our home from across the street.
Terrible exposure but you get the drift.

I hope you enjoyed my little tour of our Christmas decor!
Much more Christmas to come!


Joyful Cooking

>> Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Two of my daughters, Madi Grace & Sarah Faith have been learning to cook with me in the kitchen.  It has been so much fun!

We cook together and enjoy our meal as a family.
I do not normally "enjoy" cooking - it's more of a "must!!"  With my girls I look forward to it daily and so do they.  We make a nice supper every evening and are trying new recipes.

I never learned to cook.  So I'm learning right along with them but I believe it will make it much better for them starting out and the fact they are cultivating a joyful heart in their cooking.
I am so blessed!


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>> Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Branch Of Wisdom

Let's keep the Sabbath Holy.
Let's make true efforts to remember and take action to make it through the week where we can do this on the Sabbath.
My friend, Tamara, is hosting this and she's amazing.
Her giveaway will give you beautiful and helpful ideas on remembering the Sabbath!!!  Click the above to go see her page and enter.


God gave me Such a Blessing!!!!!!!

>> Saturday, December 11, 2010

On Thursday, my hubby took us to El Chico to see...
She was here for UIL and they went to eat afterwards.
She invited us to come along!  It was so great to see her!
Here we are squished in for a picture!
I needed some updated pics of us together!
I even got one of Hope by herself... she didn't mind it!
...then I got the oldest and the youngest....

 Hope & Hannah - my 2 "H's"  :)

I took a couple more pics but they didn't turn out so well.
I praise GOD for this time of being together.
The blessing so sweet and so precious!
I am full of JOY,



>> Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Please visit Renee's blog today for a great giveaway!!
She is giving away some adorable leggings!!
Everyone is going to be getting in line for these!
Go check it out!!
(her name is the link)


We Love Advent!! And Serving Others as Unto God!

>> Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Today, we all worked together to get the house nice & tidy.
We ate lunch, finished school, and started what we were doing for Advent today.  (We did two things)
First, we made muffins for the neighbor.

Thanks Tamara!!!!!!!
.........look at my girls - they are so precious........
They were Blueberry Muffins!  Mmmmm!
 They turned out perfectly and we put them on a plate.

Sarah Faith posed in front of the Christmas tree before we walked over, LOL!  I thought she looked so cute!

We carried them to Ms. Nan and she was so delighted and happy!
 I love this sweet picture.

LOL!  As Sarah Faith marched back up our stairs, I could see the other two girls dancing in the living room so silly!

Check Madi Grace out!  LOL!  :)  So funny!
((Hannah Joy ran off when we came in))
If you would like this "hair do" then just get crazy with dancing!
hee hee.....

Then, everyone was craving fudge so I ran to the store to get what I needed to make it.  They were out of my key ingredient so I just got everyone some candy and a nice little surprise for Hannah - PANTIES!  Tomorrow, she is going to be wearing panties, happy or not.  It's time she potty train and Mama is determined.  I got side tracked when she broke her arm because she couldn't hold onto the handles of her little potty that sits on the big potty.  (Dora I might add)  But now that it's well...."Mama's back with the panties!"  lol

So on the way out of Wal Mart we donated to the Salvation Army - where the sweet people ring the bells.  It felt good to stuff money in there.

Here are the girls with their Sour P@tch K!ds!  lol
What a fun day!


An Advent Day that was So Special!

>> Monday, December 6, 2010

We have made friends with a lady who just lost her home to a house fire.  She lost everything...but her daughter, Cheyenne!
Praise God she and Cheyenne got out safely.
The girls wanted to make Cheyenne a little something for Advent.
So, they sat down and made paper dolls for her.
They worked very hard.
They wanted them to be EXTRA special!!!!!!

They shared ideas on what they were making and all sorts of stuff.
It took a very long time and lots of creativity and work....  but here is what they came up with and I was super proud of their hearts desire and their diligent work.. to make it special.

My girls are so generous, giving and loving.
I am a Thankful Mommy!


Another precious day of Advent!

Sorry, I'm having to catch up on posts tonight.
I've been under the weather!  Feeling better tho!
Praise the Lord!

OK, so the church is having a lunch box drive and all of the children have been invited and encouraged to participate.
The girls decided they wanted to buy food for babies.
So, Sarah told me to get vegetable baby food and Madi Grace told me to get fruits.  I chose baby cereals for Hannah Joy to take.

Here they are excited about their food to donate!
Praise Our Father in Heaven we are able to do this.
May these foods bless some precious baby.

Here is a full view.  They decorated the tree so nicely!
And for my precious friend, Tamara, another beautiful dress she sent to Hannah.  THANK YOU!

In this last picture, I tried to pose her but she wouldn't have it.
She posed HERSELF!  lol  ;)


Continuing with Advent :)

I've been sick and I have to get caught up on my posting!  :)
Thank you for all the comments, they lift me up!
Here we are making a full delicious homemade meal for Daddy.
Madi Grace was learning and helping.
She loves doing anything in the kitchen!
*yep she even does the dishes!*
I should have taken pics along the way but trying to cook, get everything ready on time and teaching someone is like fine dance!
LOL~!  This is the finished, delicious chicken & spaghetti.. &
the finished perfectly on time garlic bread!
We all sat down and ate at the dinner table as a family!
We thanked Madi and blessed her while saying the  blessing!
It was wonderful cooking with her!!

And for my precious friend, Tamara, here is a pic of LiL Miss Hannah Joy wearing a precious dress she sent to her!
THANK YOU TAMARA!  The bottom of the dress has cording the same color as the top.  It's adorable on her and she loves it!
 She was fresh out of a bath so her hair is wet, excuse that please!  :)


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