We are SO HAPPY!!!!!

>> Wednesday, October 19, 2011

We have been back home for one week today!

I have TONS of pictures I need to upload and post from our first week here.  It's been great!  We've visited family and friends (not all of them yet :))  We've played, still unpacking, still decorating, still enjoying just the fresh air of our own home! 
The girls have been outside enjoying our huge yard nonstop while we're at home!  In fact, they are out there right now.  And, it's been coooold!  The girls have on long sleeves, jeans and zipped up jackets.  They have a ball, frizbee and a big stick outside, nothing else.  We want them to use their creativity to come up with things to do and games to play, etc..  They have done so well!!  We are going to buy something big for outside soon but right now it's just great seeing them play out their imagination.  They've been so used to playing electronics that they need this!

I'm enjoying doing the dishes, the laundry, cleaning up and decorating and much more.  Of course my favorite thing has been visiting with family and friends!  :)  
We feel so blessed to be at home.  It is my prayer that God will open the doors where my husband can leave his job where we have to travel and blesses him with a job where we can make what we need to and be able to stay home.  I just am so tired of traveling.  My husband and girls are too.  Please pray for us concerning this.  :)

I will be blogging again often now that I have things to actually blog about, lol!  :)  
Big, Happy Smiles!!


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