Turkies & Chores ;-)

>> Wednesday, October 13, 2010

I'm behind on posting and need to catch up.  My blog www.xanga.com/thankfulmommy has been giving me grief so I am transitioning over here!  :)

...OK... so onto the Turkies & Chores....
We have been working on a star reward chart for chores and homeschool done with a happy heart!

So, on this day, they were doing their first day of chores  and in the midst we did a turkey craft.  It was an awesome day!
..on with the pictures!  ;-)
hmm, why is my picture so small?
OK, well... here the girls are starting their turkey craft.
Look at the face Madi Grace is making, lol.
(and you can see Hannah Joy is a ham!)
Hannah Joy is working diligently here :)
(yes she has a diaper on...we're not trained yet)

Oh my angel, Madi Grace!  Love that smile!
 Sarah Faith is figuring it all out..concentrating too much to pose with a smile.  Silly Sarah ;)
 Pause.  This is what Madi Grace had done today.
The entire kitchen all by herself!
Way to go, baby!!!
 And THIS is what Miss Sarah Faith had been doing.
Laundry.  Lots of it.  The washer has a see through lid, it's fun!
Ignore the water splashed on the lid making it hard to see!
Girlfriend, you did so good!!!!
Yes, they both had very happy hearts!  Mommy too!
..back to turkey land..
(they  were having fun!)  Now, they had finished!
Each girls' turkey was a bit different and I love them!
Good job girls!!!!!  (bear hug!)
I absolutely love how she decorated hers with markers when done!
SO CREATIVE  my girl!!!
A perfectly crooked hat and the little red thingy on his tummy!
You know what girl, you did good and you did it YOUR way!
Super Job Angel!  It's hard to see the turkey for the pretty blue eyes!  You did it perfectly as shown.  I love it!

OK, well I have just finished cooking dinner... spaghetti.
My hubby will be home soon and I want to straighten things a bit.
*hugs* to my girls and to all who read here!

Has anyone else done any turkey crafts yet?  Share!  Share!


Anonymous October 13, 2010 at 9:36 PM  

we did a turkey craft a few weeks ago but for the life for me i can't remember what we did lol lol lol

love ya!

Cassidy October 14, 2010 at 9:56 AM  

LoL Tami!! That's funny!!!!!! Love ya too!! Cass

Anonymous October 15, 2010 at 7:01 PM  

What a blessing your girls are! Such a wonderful testament to you training them diligently!! The pictures are delightful and that last one of Madie Grace...wow, she is sooo beautiful...her smile and just lovely eyes.....so pretty. I have never seen a close up like that...the Lord has blessed her with a beauty inside and out!!

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