Putting Up our Christ-mas tree!

>> Monday, November 29, 2010

We are *not* finished with the tree yet.
We have ornaments to buy and we've got to put an angel on top and get a tree skirt for the bottom.  These things were stolen from us in our home back home.  (not where we live now)  So, we'll be adding those in this week.  However the girls decorated with their handmade wooden, felt, and foam decorations!
I think it looks nice!

 Madi & Hannah decorating...

 Hannah & Sarah Faith decorating..  :)

My 3 girls decorating!
(we miss you Hope, my girl! my first born!)

 Christmas Angels!

 Every year since our marriage we have hung these little Special Moments ornaments together.  Those were stolen.  This year his parents gave us a snowman ornament by M.D. Anderson - the cancer center - where his Daddy is getting chemo.
So, we decided to follow our tradition of hanging our ornament together.  This year, it was just a new one!  A new beginning perhaps.  Excuse my hair, I had been laying down sick and it's a mess... but that's not the point.  This is a special moment.
Here is the ornament upclose on the tree.
 ......more pics to come as we finish up our tree!......
Blessings from our family to yours!


Women Living Well: Challenge for December!

I am participating in:  Peace on Earth Challenge
by Women Living Well

Someone, please help me know how to link!  (thank you!)

Go read and consider joining!!!

For Dec. 1st we are to add a specific scripture she has written out to our calendar and burn a candle all month long.  This is the 1st of the challenge.  Here are my pictures!  :)

 Here is my candle glowingly lit on my mantle.
It reminds me to pray for peace for our family and home as she suggested but it also makes me think to pray for each person in our home in general.  Or to speak Thankfulness over each one to God.

Here is my calender from Revive Our Hearts.
I have written in the passage for Dec. 1st.
See below:

Visit her site and see that you are to write in 1 Peter 5:7.
May you be BLESSED!


Thanksgiving 2010

>> Sunday, November 28, 2010

I was sick on Thanksgiving so we didn't get to drive in and spend Thanksgiving with everyone... so we drove home Sunday instead and spent a time of Thanksgiving & Christmas with Kenny's Mom and Dad a.k.a. "Nonna & Popaw"!!!  :)

 Here is a pic of Nonna & Popaw with Madi, Sarah & Hannah. 
I love how it turned out.  Again, I wish Hope had been there.
We ate delicious Thanksgiving leftovers and visited!

 Here we have: (L to R)
Nonna, Hannah, Uncow, Sarah & Madi
Uncow is Kenny's brother, their uncle, and he is AWESOME!
Hannah ran for the toy closet and got to playing!  LoL!
Then, Nonna and Popaw have a TRADITION every year!
They get Christmas gowns or pajamas on Thanksgiving each year!
I love that tradition!  And it makes for great Christmas morning pictures as well... plus they wear them ALL winter!

 Here is Madi Grace about to open hers!

 Sarah waiting patiently, lol :)

 Hannah Joy with a strange smile while waiting!  ROFL!

Everyone tearing in!  :)

How adorable!  We love them Nonna & Popaw!
Uncow & Aunt Kali
The girls are crazy about the whole family, and of course that certainly includes Uncow and Aunt Kali.
Uncow has been a favorite since they were each born!

 Another tradition is that they give us a Christmas decoration each Thanksgiving!  Since Popaw has cancer this one was especially special as it was the one from M.D. Anderson!
We *LoVe* it!!!!
Hannah Joy kept running to her Uncow!
He is the greatest uncle ever!
He adores these girls and they sure adore him!
I love this picture!!!!
....then.... because Popaw will be getting another round of Chemo at M.D. Anderson at Christmas we won't get to see them then.
So the girls got to open their gifts from them while we were there!
Hannah Joy opening her 1st one!

..what did she get?..
an ADORABLE pink camo hoodie and some precious pink matching pants.  They will look so cute on her!

......Hannah Joy opening her other one!......
....wonder what she got?....
 Littlest Pet Shop with a house and THREE dogs!
She loves it!!
... then  Sarah Faith ...
 ....what did she get?...
OH! The pic didn't save!  She got a Princess scrapbook set!
 ........then her other one........
I wonder what she got??  ;)  lol
A beautiful pink and purple hoodie with the cutest matching pink pants!  So adorable.  Pink & Purple are her favorite color!

..Madi Grace's turn!..
I LOVE this pic of her with the red bow she tied in her hair!
.......what did she get?.......
A green & blue hoodie and blue pants to match!
Her favorite colors are green and blue!
Yayy!!!!!!  Thanks Nonna & Popaw for everything!

....then her other present....
...wonder what she got?...
A VERY COOL light up art desk!
She used it last night and she loves it.. I mean loves it!

We had a wonderful and blessed time there.


His mercies begin afresh each day.

>> Friday, November 26, 2010

Lamentations 3:23
"Great is His faithfulness; His mercies begin afresh each day."
Praise God for this!  Right?  :)  No matter how today goes... tomorrow is a brand new day.
Some days are hard and you just plain can't do it all.  You try but you are human and nothing is ever going to be just perfect.
Sometimes it goes to a point you feel like a failure.  You wonder, "have I messed things up so badly that it can't be turned around?"
All of our answers are in God's word!
His mercies begin afresh each day.
So, when you are struggling and you go to bed that night thinking of all you wish you had done differently, remember, tomorrow you get the chance to start all the way over, brand new!
Where else in life can you find that?  No where that I know of!
God loves us so much that He wants to forgive our sins.  He waits patiently for us to come to Him and repent.  He doesn't make us go for days or weeks on end in misery.  No.  Each and every day is a new start.
I have seen on a commercial, I believe, where they talk about a "re-do button."
That's basically what God has given us... the opportunity to start again.
As time goes by and we keep turning to Him and having each day anew, we will begin to walk in the Spirit and we will build our faith through going through these times.  Our habits and routines of doing things the way God intended will come more often.  We will see ourselves become a new creature.
So, no matter how today has gone, or how this week has gone, just remember:  Tomorrow is a new day.  God's word is never void and He gives us the gift of having each day anew.
What a wonderful gift, one we should thank Him for daily!


I need Your Recommendations - Books to read.

>> Thursday, November 25, 2010

What are some Godly womanhood books you recommend about being a Godly homemaker, wife, mother, keeper at home, etc. ?
Please share in your comments.  I'm reading Passionate Housewives Desperate for God at the moment.  I'm almost finished so I wondered what was another great book to read.  One that is really good.  One you've read or heard is amazing.  Please help.
Thank you!


Our First time for Company here!

>> Wednesday, November 24, 2010

We made friends at church and exchanged phone numbers.
I called her that evening and we set up a play date for today.
They have three girls just like we do!
We had a great time and plan to get together again next week!

First, this is a beautiful cactus blooming plant that I bought in remembrance of my grandfather I called Karo - who died at the end of last week in the late evening of the 17th.

Look at the beautiful blooms that have just opened up today!
I got Hannah Joy dressed in a beautiful princess dress that my sweet friend, Tamara, from Branches of Wisdom gave to her!
She loves to be dressed up and was so happy!
Our company got here and they first went upstairs and played and then we called them down to make snowman ornaments!
It was SO much fun!!  A full table of precious girls!

Madi Grace made hers and it turned out so cute!
I love this picture of her.  I think her haircut is so becoming!

Sarah Faith did an awesome job on hers also!

Hannah Joy finished hers and it was so cute.
She did the hands going a different way and I liked it!

Then, the other Mommy and I cut the pictures out to finish them off.
I so love how they turned out for our Christ-mas tree!

Then they had cookies and Hi-C.  I forgot to get a picture of this but they loved it.  Then, they played until it was time for them to leave.
We had a great time and I think they did also.  I hope so!
Then they got to eat the popcicles they made yesterday!

Daddy came home and used the leftover spaghetti and added to it to make it a totally different meal.  What a wonderful husband!
Today was very fun!  We all enjoyed it so much!


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