Counting my Blessings - Post 2! :)

>> Tuesday, October 26, 2010

I am so thankful for my children.  They are a blessing in each and every way.  I always wanted to have children, many children, and God blessed me with four precious girls.  With my last child, I was in the hospital in labor for 27 days and with all the magnesium and everything else they used they could not stop my labor.  Some days I thought I would die... some days I just pulled through hour by hour.  Some days I just didn't know what to do but I knew that baby was not able to be born yet so like any mother, I just kept holding on to God and trusting the doctor and nurses to take care of me and what would soon be our little Hannah Joy.  She was born prematurely even after the 27 days and spent 21 days (exactly 3 weeks) in AR Childrens' Hospital.  She is a little blessing that I am so thankful made it.  They are each that big of blessing to me.  After the 27 days of labor, I can no longer have more children.  But my four are incredible.  They are gentle, loving and sweet.  They love the Lord so much and the younger 3 think Mama is "the best mama in the world" and tell me sometimes daily.  It melts my heart.  They are so easy to take care of and so thoughtful.  A couple of days ago I was going to take a short nap because I wasn't feeling the greatest, mostly I think I was over tired.  I fell asleep on the couch and they, without my knowing because I was so asleep, propped a pillow up against me and covered me up and made sure I was swaddled in.  How loving is that!!!  I woke up a bit later and they were saying, "go back to sleep mama, if you need to, we were trying to be quiet so you could sleep."  I told them they didn't wake me up.  I just woke up.  They take turns each day (Madi Grace & Sarah Faith do) making snack.  They come up with some funny concoctions but they often are delicious!  They have so much fun doing it.  They are loving school this year.  They love Mama teaching them.  They do their chores with a joyful heart and earn stars they can trade for different things, including allowance if they want.  They only get a star if it's done their best and with a joyful heart.  That is never a problem.  I love to hear them say Mama.  I love the way each one hugs and snuggles and gives mama kisses.  I love the way they play together (although we sometimes have fusses this way) and they do not leave their baby sister, Hannah Joy, out.  Hope lives with her Dad.  She moved their when she was 12 so I miss her but she is also a blessing to me as I am her mother and I was able to give birth to her and raise her until she was 12.  (then Dad looked a little better to her)  That's okay though, tho it breaks my heart, but she is prospering.  I pray for her daily.  Each of my children are different and yet somewhat the same.  I just adore them.  I can't imagine my life without them and dread the day they spread their wings and fly away to college or whatever they choose to do.  Tho it will be a blessing for them so I will do my best to rejoice with them!  (then when they go I will probably lay in bed and cry for 3 weeks each time!  smile.)  Children are such a blessing.  (even the Bible says so!)  And I know mine are!!  Never take a day forgranted.  They grow up so fast.  Hope will be 16 soon!  I am so blessed and so thankful.  Thank you, Jesus, for these precious blessings.


Anonymous October 26, 2010 at 11:52 AM  

Oh my, this is just so true! My oldest will be sixteen next month and I look at him and wonder...where did the time go?


Anonymous October 26, 2010 at 2:13 PM  

The spoken true words of a loving mother's heart! I've also added this post to the Day #2 linky and you are right on!

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