Two "firsts" for Hannah Joy

>> Monday, October 25, 2010

My sister, KJ, was able to get her on the potty at her house... 
but it hasn't been near as successful for me.
Daddy came home with a Dora seat for the big potty because she thinks her little potty is a game and she'll sit there but just play.
We had 2 accidents that night but this was a good first of us having her on the potty truly trying to go potty!  And, we're not giving up this time!  She's going to potty train now.
My mind is made up.  Just hope her mind gets made up too!
 (you can see we have a star for modesty reasons!)
The second "first" is that Hannah Joy has always been terrified and I mean *very terrified* of band aids.  However, she skinned her finger and this time she *asked* for a band aid.  And, she wore it.

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