Love these!!!!

>> Tuesday, May 31, 2011

We went to dinner and I got some great pics of the girls I wanted to share on here!

(yes, the girls got haircuts except Hannah Joy)


Mother's Day 2011 :)

>> Tuesday, May 17, 2011

What an amazing Mother's Day!
 I got a new camera I had been wanting for a while now!  I love it!!!!  I have enjoyed "playing with it" and also capturing some great memories.  

On Mother's Day we went to the Scarborough Renaissance Festival!
It was awesome!  Here are 3 of my girls with their faces painted.  We really had so much fun!

This was our view as we walked up to the entrance.  (might I add, a long, long walk, lol)

This was part of the scenery.  A little band playing near the trees.

This is Madi Grace with the lady who painted her face!  She was a super nice lady.  My hubby is laughing hard in the back ground as you can see because I asked her to cover her cleavage for the picture.  OK, maybe that was too bold?

Isn't she adorable?!?!

Sarah Faith :)  I'm lovin' it!

Miss Hannah Joy :)
Each girl got to choose their own painting.
Hannah Joy got wild with it, I think!  hee hee!!

I got a scarf that becomes a wrap!  It's so kewl ;)  And I got my hair braided into this beautiful creation of braided hair and pieces running into each other to finally create a bun.  It also had beautiful pink and yellow flowers throughout!  :)

My awesome girls :)

My wonderful husband relaxing :)

My crew leaving......
It was an awesome day!!!
I LOVE being a Mommy!


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