Super Saturdays!

>> Saturday, October 23, 2010

Saturdays are really Super when you homeschool.  :)
You get the day off!
Well, just like public school except Mama gets the day off too!
Here are the girls this morning..
Sarah Faith (Hannah calles her Pae Pae) and Hannah snuggled up!

And Madi Grace is all smiles, like every morning!
My cheerful girl!
 They got cozied up becaise it's cold outside and raining!
 Her middle name on her shirt.  Love that!

And Hannah Joy was hollering from upstairs giggling as we took pictures...
... and Madi Grace loves hoods!

Then Hannah Joy came back down Begging for a picture because she likes to see it on the viewer of the camera after I take it.  LoL!
I guess she likes looking at pics of herself, so cute!
I adore all my girls!!!  (miss you, Hope)


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