Thanksgiving 2010

>> Sunday, November 28, 2010

I was sick on Thanksgiving so we didn't get to drive in and spend Thanksgiving with everyone... so we drove home Sunday instead and spent a time of Thanksgiving & Christmas with Kenny's Mom and Dad a.k.a. "Nonna & Popaw"!!!  :)

 Here is a pic of Nonna & Popaw with Madi, Sarah & Hannah. 
I love how it turned out.  Again, I wish Hope had been there.
We ate delicious Thanksgiving leftovers and visited!

 Here we have: (L to R)
Nonna, Hannah, Uncow, Sarah & Madi
Uncow is Kenny's brother, their uncle, and he is AWESOME!
Hannah ran for the toy closet and got to playing!  LoL!
Then, Nonna and Popaw have a TRADITION every year!
They get Christmas gowns or pajamas on Thanksgiving each year!
I love that tradition!  And it makes for great Christmas morning pictures as well... plus they wear them ALL winter!

 Here is Madi Grace about to open hers!

 Sarah waiting patiently, lol :)

 Hannah Joy with a strange smile while waiting!  ROFL!

Everyone tearing in!  :)

How adorable!  We love them Nonna & Popaw!
Uncow & Aunt Kali
The girls are crazy about the whole family, and of course that certainly includes Uncow and Aunt Kali.
Uncow has been a favorite since they were each born!

 Another tradition is that they give us a Christmas decoration each Thanksgiving!  Since Popaw has cancer this one was especially special as it was the one from M.D. Anderson!
We *LoVe* it!!!!
Hannah Joy kept running to her Uncow!
He is the greatest uncle ever!
He adores these girls and they sure adore him!
I love this picture!!!!
....then.... because Popaw will be getting another round of Chemo at M.D. Anderson at Christmas we won't get to see them then.
So the girls got to open their gifts from them while we were there!
Hannah Joy opening her 1st one!

..what did she get?..
an ADORABLE pink camo hoodie and some precious pink matching pants.  They will look so cute on her!

......Hannah Joy opening her other one!......
....wonder what she got?....
 Littlest Pet Shop with a house and THREE dogs!
She loves it!!
... then  Sarah Faith ...
 ....what did she get?...
OH! The pic didn't save!  She got a Princess scrapbook set!
 ........then her other one........
I wonder what she got??  ;)  lol
A beautiful pink and purple hoodie with the cutest matching pink pants!  So adorable.  Pink & Purple are her favorite color!

..Madi Grace's turn!..
I LOVE this pic of her with the red bow she tied in her hair!
.......what did she get?.......
A green & blue hoodie and blue pants to match!
Her favorite colors are green and blue!
Yayy!!!!!!  Thanks Nonna & Popaw for everything!

....then her other present....
...wonder what she got?...
A VERY COOL light up art desk!
She used it last night and she loves it.. I mean loves it!

We had a wonderful and blessed time there.


Mrs. Stam November 29, 2010 at 10:53 AM  

look like fun

Homemaker's Heart November 29, 2010 at 4:13 PM  

Ah...I'm sorry that you are sick :( I'll be praying that you get better soon.

Your Christmas already looks like its off to a good start :) We got hammered with ice and snow and I have not decorated one bit. I'm still trying to clean up from Thanksgiving.

I hope that you have a great week!

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