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>> Monday, November 22, 2010

I was having one of those days, the babe had been teething and did not sleep much and wanted to be rocked and nursed non stop, the middle child woke up grumpy and whiny for no apparent reason, and the oldest one decided that she couldn't do anything by herself and wanted to be near mama all the time!

I kept trying to keep the house in order, dishes, laundry, picking up the toys and tending our little ones needs trying to make them comfortable and happy.

The toddlers kept hitting each others buttons, every time the babe was almost asleep the oldest HAD to ask for milk, to have the potty light turn on even if the little stool to stand on for her to do it herself was in place, to fix her sock that were crocked on her feet, always ending up waking the almost sleeping baby and me needing to start the rocking/nursing all over again.

All day I was trying really hard to have a cheerful spirit, not to let them know that I was TIRED, that I didn't feel like serving them anymore.  That I wanted to be alone, and I kept feeling guilty for my selfish needs.

Around supper time, I felt drained, the house was still in a decent state, laundry and dishes were caught up and I made a huge pot of chili, knowing that the left overs come handy for the next day. I was alone again to serve supper to my crew, my dear husband was working late and I knew bed time was coming but was wondering if I would I have enough energy to do bath, pj's story and hugs and kisses.

I felt slightly overwhelm, a bit frustrated and trying my best not to get bitter. Looking down into my empty cup of water I taught "I have to get up again!"

I stood up with my cup in my hand, our oldest firmly told me:

" Sit down mama, Rebekah will do it"

She took a chair, brought it to the sink, fill my cup, brought the cup to me and left.Not waiting for a thank you, not waiting to be praised, she served me with a smile and ask nothing in return!

I thank God for this blessing, giving our little 3 1/2 years old such a great servant heart, while repenting of my shortcoming. With tears in my eyes I when to see her, give a big kiss and told her that I loved her.

"I  love you too Mama"

My bad day was all forgotten, it was now a clean slate, my energy was back and I knew It was going to be ok.

Little thing like homemaking can be a teachable moment both for kids and Mama's

I read a book a while ago, it transform my outlook of serving my family, I will encourage you to read it, click on the link below, I'm sure it will change you and bless you as it did me!


Mrs. Renee Stam

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Mrs. Stam November 22, 2010 at 7:26 AM  

Happy birthday sweet friend, have a blessed day!

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