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>> Sunday, November 14, 2010

This is to every Mother out there :)
Our children are our children forever, even when they are grown.
It's never to late to start making memories and making them feel special.
My post is more about Mommies that have children at home but please know that it is *never* EVER too late to start.
You have your child at home and near you for only a short time in their lives.  During that time, it's so important we make a difference.

How can we make a difference that will matter?
Every little thing counts.  Period.  It does.
When you wake them up with a smile, watch them smile back.
When you fix them a delicious, healthy breakfast, even if it is a quick breakfast like biscuits or toast - you show them you care.
When you hold them, no matter the age, (yes I still hold my 10 year old who is almost as tall as me, likes about an inch and a half) you show them love and warmth.  You show them how much you care.

When you sit and listen to them, you make them feel important, you show that what they have to say is important.  It won't hurt to stop whatever you are doing for a few moments to see what your child is saying to you.  "Just a minute" and putting them off, well, there's no reason to unless what you are doing is where you CAN NOT stop.
Then, if you say, "I'm doing _____ and the minute I'm done, I'm all yours."  You show you care, you show them you love them, you show them they deserve your attention.  You show them they are so important and that you want to hear them, know them, hear their hearts.

Okay.. I'm back.  I just needed to stop this post to change a diaper!
LoL!!!  :)

When you do something with your child, may it be read to him or her, do a special craft, or ask them about things that matter to them.. you are making memories, lifetime memories!
When you teach them of the Lord, day and night, you are creating a foundation that the Lord can use and you are obeying God, while at the same time giving your child the gift of Godly inheritance.
You are blessing them, but you are also blessing yourself and showing God how important He is!
Let me share something from my growing up years.
My Mom and Dad were so in love.
Yes, it made me gaggg at the time, LoL!
But, it's beautiful memories to think of them snuggling on the couch watching a movie.  It's good memories of Daddy smacking Mama on the hiney as she walked past him.  There are so many more.
Loving your husband will give your child good memories *AND* a foundation on which they can know a good marriage in their own lives when the time comes.  They can see that marriage is good!  Your child seeing Mommy and Daddy loving each other makes them feel secure and shows them their home is stable and happy!

Taking your child outside in the fresh air, pointing out the beautiful things our Lord has made for us helps your child to see beauty in all things.. it gives them a sense of looking for God's beauty all the time.
You watch, it will bring joy to your heart also!

 Get together with other Moms and their children.
Let the kids have fun and play and make friends.
During the mean time you and the other Mommy can visit and talk and encourage each other and you can learn things from each other.
Jump on the web and look up things you can do with your child.
You can find frugal things to do with them if need be.
(and yes, at certain times, I think we all need some things to be frugal)  Then there are times you can splurge on a little something extra to do with them that is fun for all!

Go to the library and find books you can read to your precious child, or fine some at home and make a stack to read.  How fun is a story read by Mommy!  :)  You're spending time with them, helping them to love books and even helping them to learn to read if they are following along.  If you have an older child, let him or her read the story outloud sometimes.  They will be learning and practicing reading while spending time with their siblings and/or Mommy and they will not even realize they are learning because it is a fun time.
Teach them the things they will need to know as they grow up.
Maybe Daddy can show his son or daughter how to change a tire, how to check the oil in the vehicle, how to jump off a vehicle, how to shoot a gun or build something together.  Even Mommy can teach that if Daddy isn't willing to do so.
Mommy, teach them how to wash their laundry, how to do dishes, how to cook a meal.  Let them see you doing your daily work and teach them as you go.  Children love to help!  (even little ones!)  My girls are learning how to take care of the kitchen and doing laundry.  They need my guidance and sometimes my help but they are learning and they are learning with a happy heart.

One of the best things I want to share with my children, is JOY!
I want to find JOY in all the things that we do.  I want to find JOY in the mundane.  I want to share that JOY with my children.  I want to create in them and myself (with God leading our hearts) to be joyful in all things.  When things are tough, talk to your children about the many blessings you have.  Share your joy in whatever you do, in whatever you say, speak and live JOYfulness!  Build that deep into them.  Whether you know it or not, you are *already* teaching your child by example.  Let that example be a blessing.  Let it be something they can hold onto and use positively in their lives with Jesus, our Lord, every day for all their lives!  :)

When you are able to, participate in the church and show the children giving.  Give with your time, give with your money, participate in giving whatever they are working towards.  For example, right now, we will be donating coats for the coat drive and we will be taking in lunch box foods as they do a drive for that.
The girls are excited about it and I am too!
Talk about what that blessing means.  Share with them the impact that it will have.  In my example, we will be sharing about how the coats will help make someone warm during this cold winter.  We can share about the lunch box fixings and how a child will have a yummy lunch from the things they pick out at the grocery store to give.  Let them give with their money also if they want and have some.  I am going to let my girls choose one item a piece that I purchase for the lunch box drive.  Then, with my suggestions, we will be getting other things as well.
I'm no perfect mother, I confess that here and now.
But.  I TRY.  And I am always wanting to improve.
My children do not have perfect lives and neither do my hubby and I.  We fall short thus the reason we need The Father.  The biggest thing is get back up, dust yourself off, and go at it again.

Keep going!
Give it to God, Cry out for His Help!
Ask your child what makes them feel special and use that as a beginning if you need one.
Do everything you do with a joyful heart, as best as you can, even if you have to remind yourself 100 times a day.
Try not to complain.  Show joy.
You can do this.  We all can.
But we can do *nothing* without God!
Pray that He will lead and guide you and bless you and your children as you keep trying and keep going!
You will be blessed and so will your child and your family.

I hope this is encouraging to you.
If you want to talk about this with me, or want to share with another Mom, post a note in comments or email me.
My email is
Please be sure to put a note in the subject line so I know it's not spam.  I don't have all the answers but I can help, with God's help!
Many Blessings!


maria November 14, 2010 at 7:46 PM  

What a beautiful post Cassidy!

Being a mother is the most rewarding profession we can have here in on this earth. It is a gift of the highest form.

Thank you for sharing...


Cassidy November 14, 2010 at 7:56 PM  

Maria, you are precious!

Mrs. Stam November 15, 2010 at 6:38 AM  

What a encouraging post Cass, I love the way you have presented this


Carmen November 15, 2010 at 9:08 AM  

A very Sweet Post! I enjoyed reading it.

4kids1mom November 16, 2010 at 4:25 PM  

Really enjoyed this post!

Mrs. Q December 6, 2010 at 6:26 AM  

Cassidy I came from Mrs. Stam's blog. This is a wonderful post. Our children are so, so precious. Thanks for the encouragement.

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