Our First time for Company here!

>> Wednesday, November 24, 2010

We made friends at church and exchanged phone numbers.
I called her that evening and we set up a play date for today.
They have three girls just like we do!
We had a great time and plan to get together again next week!

First, this is a beautiful cactus blooming plant that I bought in remembrance of my grandfather I called Karo - who died at the end of last week in the late evening of the 17th.

Look at the beautiful blooms that have just opened up today!
I got Hannah Joy dressed in a beautiful princess dress that my sweet friend, Tamara, from Branches of Wisdom gave to her!
She loves to be dressed up and was so happy!
Our company got here and they first went upstairs and played and then we called them down to make snowman ornaments!
It was SO much fun!!  A full table of precious girls!

Madi Grace made hers and it turned out so cute!
I love this picture of her.  I think her haircut is so becoming!

Sarah Faith did an awesome job on hers also!

Hannah Joy finished hers and it was so cute.
She did the hands going a different way and I liked it!

Then, the other Mommy and I cut the pictures out to finish them off.
I so love how they turned out for our Christ-mas tree!

Then they had cookies and Hi-C.  I forgot to get a picture of this but they loved it.  Then, they played until it was time for them to leave.
We had a great time and I think they did also.  I hope so!
Then they got to eat the popcicles they made yesterday!

Daddy came home and used the leftover spaghetti and added to it to make it a totally different meal.  What a wonderful husband!
Today was very fun!  We all enjoyed it so much!


Mrs. Stam November 25, 2010 at 12:24 PM  

Love the cactus and look like you had a fun time!

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