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>> Monday, November 1, 2010

What would I have done without this man growing up?
How would I be different today without him?
The joy he has always brought to my life, he still does but now, he also brings that joy to his grandchildren.  Everyone says what an awesome grandfather he is to his grandchildren.  They call him, "Papa."  But, I tell you, he was just as wonderful as he was as a father.  I could not have ever asked for a more amazing man to raise me.  I was not burn with his blood in his veins but I was born in his heart and him in mine.  I would fight a lion if they argued with me that he was not my daddy.  A fierce fight.

Here he is with my Mom and they are both precious to me.
I remember growing up they'd always be hugging and kissing and he would pinch her hiney.. or they might snuggle up on the couch.
I would say, "EWWWWW!!!!!!!" and my Mom would quickly say, "Would you rather us be fighting?"  No way.
He has been through more than I would be willing to share but he has withstood the test of time and loyalty and has been a blessing.

For his birthday this year, I bought him a large print chronological Bible.  One of the things I remember that was so special when I was growing up is that he read the Bible all the way through when I was in the 3rd grade.  He has had histoplasmosis (an eye disease where the blood vessels break open and bleed in his eyes and then after taking medicine the bleeding would stop but leave scar tissue causing blind spots in his eyes) since he was 18.  He now only has peripheral vision.  By the way, he is still YOUNG at only 53 years old!  He has never let that disease slow him down.  He loves the Lord and I hope that Bible is blessing him.  It was just something beautiful I remembered and wanted to give him a Bible he could read now.  He has a reading machine that enhances the size of all things he reads like written notes and such.  I can't stand that thing or figure it out but he can use it well, very well.  He's had it for years.
Anyway, he was always gentle, very gentle.  He didn't scream or yell.  He spoke softly sometimes firmly when needed.  When I got in trouble and was going to be grounded, lol, he would often let me rub his back to get out of it.  He's a sucker for back rubs.  I'd ask, "Dad, am I ungrounded yet?"  He'd say with a bit of a laugh, "I'm still thinking about it, better keep rubbing."  I would have told my date before the back rub I was ungrounded and could go out.  LOL!
Even now, when I visit he likes his head rubbed, his back or his feet.  And I tell you what - I LOVE to do it and when my arms are so tired I assure him they're not because he doesn't want to "wear me out."
I love this man, my Daddy, with all my heart, as you can see.  There's so much I could say, so many stories I could share and plan to in other posts about my Mom and Daddy.

The biggest thing I have to say at THIS moment that by being gentle and soft spoken yet firm, my Daddy taught me to be a strong person.  By reading his Bible straight through that year, he encouraged me to read mine.  (he has still read his bible through all these years, it wasn't a one time thing, of course.)  Through his understanding as we talked about everything imaginable (appropriate of course!) he taught me about life.  He taught me about how to handle life as I watched him handle his.  He taught me when to stand up and when to "let it roll off a duck's back."  (his words :))  He taught me to be loyal as he was and is loyal.  He taught me to stick through the hard times as he stuck.  He taught me how to raise my children as he raised me.  He taught me about the kind of person I want to be - one that is thought of as I think of him.
Thank you, Jesus Christ, for bringing this amazing man into my life to raise me as his own (I am his own if you ask me!) and to show me the ways of life and the right path.  I love him, Father, and I know you sent him to me, my Mom and KJ as a gift from you.  Amen.

I love my Daddy, ladies.  I love him "way whole much!"


Christine November 2, 2010 at 8:39 AM  

Thanks for sharing about your dad. I have a pretty special dad, too!

Love, Christine

maria November 2, 2010 at 3:48 PM  

What a blessing! Our Lord knew exactly who to give you to raise you and nurture you.

And now, you can share him with all of us :)


No Ordinary Me November 2, 2010 at 8:02 PM  

How wonderful that you have such a blessing of a GREAT Dad and mom!

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