Welcome to my Kitchen!

>> Thursday, February 16, 2012

Welcome to my Kitchen!

Today after the kitchen was cleaned and shined up I decided to putter around a bit in there and make things prettier.  A couple of days ago I got a new table cloth for $5.  It is vinyl because that's the easiest to keep right now with a little one making messes when she eats.  :)  It was time to take the Valentine's one off.

This is where our table sits.  It connects in with the kitchen.
We add two more chairs when we sit to eat as a family.

This is what sits on our table.  The plant on the left was given to me by my friend's mom after she died.  The flowers on it bloomed just before Valentine's Day.  In the middle is a birdhouse that holds candles in different areas that are hanging inside.  It's the one thing we bought when the day we signed for our new house.  The plant on the right is one that I bought in honor of my grandfather who died.  I called him Karo.  So these are special things to me.  My husband came in tonight and complimented how nice the tablecloth looked.

Here is the first corner of my kitchen.  You can see our cat, Asher, as he's leaving the area.  Also we found a little field mouse eating in one of our cabinets so we had to sit out poison so the cereal bags are having to stay under that part of the counter for another week.

This is the other side of my kitchen.  I can see in the picture that the outside of my oven needs a good shining!  This is where yummy things are made.  I especially enjoy baking with the girls.  My hubby is the best cook ever though.  He does a lot of the cooking.

I am blessed!!


Mrs. Lewis February 18, 2012 at 10:51 AM  

love that dining table! i have always wanted one just like that!!

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