Hannah's First day of Team Kids

>> Thursday, February 16, 2012

Yesterday was Hannah Joy's First day at Team Kids at Church!

To remember her first day, I took a picture of her with two precious people in our lives that run Team Kids in our church.
(I will be starting to help in 2 weeks!)

This is the thing that Hannah does independently without Mom or Dad.  We know everyone there and feel safe with her there.  Plus, I'll be helping there soon.  But, I wanted her to learn more about Jesus, enjoy fellowship with other children her age more, learn to respect and obey other people's authority and have "her" little special time once a week where she's got a little independence.

She did great!  They went to a retirement place called Amanda Square and passed out little valentines even tho they were a day late to do so.  The girls (all 3 go --  Madi and Sarah have been going for awhile!)  said she did wonderful and was the best kid there.  The teacher said she did super!  I'm so glad she went and did well!
She was super excited and ready to go back already as we were leaving!  lol  :) :)


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