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>> Sunday, February 12, 2012

Do we as mothers take the time out each day to know our children?
Do we spend time with them:  meeting their needs, playing with them, making sure they KNOW they are loved and that they are such a blessing to you?
What are some ways that we can show our children we love them?  Please add your ideas in the comments section.  We all have different ideas and could share and learn from each other.

What about a good breakfast that's healthy, not thrown together, to nourish them?  Do we pray with them in the morning?  Do we start their day out with their focus on God?  We should ourselves, so shouldn't we start our childrens' day like this?  What if you have to get up a little earlier?  That's okay.  Go to bed earlier or have a quick nap.  Do we get them dressed and their hair combed and teeth brushed?  We do.  We should remind the ones that can do it themselves and make sure it's done.  We should do it as we teach the little ones how to do it themselves.  Do we praise them when we hear them being kind, sharing, or showing love to someone?  Or do we only take the time out to discipline them?  Do we show them open arms or do we tell them to "go in there" getting them out of the way?  Out of our way, REALLY?  That's sad.  I am with my children and they are with me and it is a blessing no matter what I'm doing.  They are simply told to be quiet while I do my quiet time and they understand that.  The little one might not understand yet but she knows it's important what I'm doing.  Do we take time throughout the day to let them help us?  Even my youngest, Hannah Joy finds great joy in helping me and I praise her for her good work.  We are training them to be good wives and mothers and most of all for God's service.  Do we leave our older ones to tend to the younger ones?  I'm not saying to never ask them to help but do we leave them to do all of our work with the littlest?  
Do we make sure their laundry is clean and they can choose or you choose for them clean clothes each day?  Do we take time to really bathe them at night or just hop them in the tub with a washcloth and say get clean.  Yes, the older ones can do this.  The younger ones that can't need our help as mothers.  Do we serve them a warm meal at night?  I'm not saying cook every single night... but a warm meal even if it's a corn dog from the oven and some french fries or green beans?  Do we make sure they are hydrated when they've been out running and playing?  Speaking of playing, do we dress them in such a way that we get angry if they get grass stains or dirt on them from playing?  Should we not have "play clothes" as well as clothes we wear out to places like church or to dinner?  

Do you know their favorite color?  movie?  Do we even know what they are watching and monitor that?  Do we show by example what is good and pure and worth watching or thinking about.  Do we encourage our children in the Lord? 
Do we meet their needs all the way around or do we accept that we're just not going to do "this part or that part" because we are too tired, or dare I say too lazy?  Maybe some moms (esp. new moms) need our encouragement and our wisdom.  Do we share with them so they can know, too, what needs children have?  Do we share how to do it or ways to do it better or more simply?  

I know I want to be a Proverbs 31 woman but I also want to be a Titus 2 woman.  So, I am reaching out not only to share but also to be shared with.  Please leave comments on your ideas or if this encouraged you.
The rewards in heaven are great but also the rewards we see from our children are great.  I want to raise Godly young ladies.  (I have 4 girls)  I know you ladies want to be your best with your boys just as well.  I hope this encourages you.  It encouraged me as I wrote it.

Many Blessings!


Mrs. White February 13, 2012 at 4:14 PM  

I appreciate your invitation to visit again.

I love that you are writing on family and home. This is a lovely post. It is important to really think about what our children enjoy and the special care we mothers can take in their lives.

Mrs. White
The Legacy of Home

Mrs. Stam February 14, 2012 at 3:52 PM  

I think that involving our little one in all we do is showing them love, letting them in on our spiritual life (not hiding to be able to spend time "alone" with God) involving them into our daily activities, chores etc.. Training and disciplining them along the way is a way to show them that we love them, letting them run free and wild, and with no discipline does not show love.

this comment could be a very long, so I might finish it later,so that is a bit of wisdom i can share with you today, not that I'm that very wise hehe!

Cassidy February 15, 2012 at 11:34 AM  

Renee, you ARE very wise. Please share more with me! Love, Cass

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