A Beautiful day at Home

>> Monday, February 20, 2012

Today has been such a lovely day!

Before bedtime last night, I tried my hand at making homemade biscuits for the first time.  My husband said they were as good as his Grandma's were!  What a sweet compliment!  I wrapped them up and put them on the counter for breakfast.

I woke up just before my first little angel woke up, Madi Grace.
She had her biscuits with butter and a cup of orange juice.
So did each child as they woke up.  They all enjoyed them!

I will have to make those often.

Before I went to bed last night, I wrote each a little post it to welcome them to their day and said something sweet about each child on it.
After they ate breakfast, they brushed their teeth and got ready.  We started school and worked our way through.

This is how I make our bed in the mornings.  The girls make theirs also and they take turns making Hannah's for her.

After school....

They played with the play doh!  Oh the fun!
Hannah had been asking to "play with doh" before she went to bed last night.  First thing this morning, she remembered.

Madi & Sarah used clay instead.  They were having a fun time as well.  I love seeing what they all create!

After that, Sarah Faith and I made a homemade peach pie.  It was so yummy!  My hubby kept getting into it before dinner time.  lol!

My hubby helped me decorate the girls bedroom walls.  I pointed out where I wanted things and he hung them there very securely.  I appreciated his work helping me with that!

Madi Grace helped me cook supper - which is where I "cheated" - I made Lasagna Hamburger He lper.  She did most of it with my guidance and I took over at the end.  Everyone cleared their plates tonight and then dove into the pie!

I cut a large piece and took it to our neighbor, Mr. Baker.  (my neighbor on the other side is my brother in law - hubby's brother)  Mr. Baker was so kind and very appreciative.  It felt great doing that.  It was my first time of meeting him.

I came back over to home and the girls were dressing up in dance costumes and were putting on a delightful show for us!  What fun!  They were squeeling with laughter!  I was enjoying it immensely.  Daddy was watching them also and they enjoyed that too!

Tonight, we will finish off our night with some hot chocolate with marshmellows in it.  I think this has been an awesome day and that will be the perfect way to end it.

As for tomorrow, I got the ingredients to make homemade cinnamon rolls.  So, that will be fun being my first time as well.

One precious thing I left out was I had to run to the store today to grab ingredients and I looked up at Sarah who had gone with me and she was just smiling a happy hearted smile.  I asked what she was smiling about and she said, "peach pie!!!"  Madi Grace said today that she was so happy because I was happy and that made her happy.  She also said that a huge part of her happiness today was peach pie!  lol  Sweet baby girls!

I am SOOOOOO blessed!!


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