Our Valentine's Day

>> Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day!

We had a wonderful day!!!  We did many things and really enjoyed our day.  The kids even baked some goodies for us!!

See the lamp?  That came from my sweetheart!

My Valentine also got me a MUCH NEEDED new Family Board.  We use this for prayer requests and for scripture memory and as reminders sometimes!  :)  My other one had given up on me and I was so needing another one!  Yayyyyy!

Here's all the girls candies and valentine animals.  Madi Grace got a blingy "friends" frame instead of a stuffy.  Talk about a ton of candy!  Whew!!  What was Daddy thinking?  ;)

Here the girls are getting into their candy!  Our cat, Asher, was also trying to share some of Hannah's treats!  lol

The girls made a homemade treat for Mom & Daddy for Valentine's.  It had chocolate rice crispies and peanut butter in it but it was very similar to rice crispy treat.  Sarah Faith is here getting the peanut better ready while she waits for Madi to get the corn syrup and sugar boiling.

Madi Grace was stirring away trying to get the ingredients boiling.  She found the recipe online and wrote it down and went to making it.  I was very impressed with the girls!

Here Madi Grace is pouring her mixture over the crispies cereal.
I don't know why my picture didn't come out right at the bottom.  :(

Hannah Joy even helped by licking the spoon clean!  lol  ;)

Here they are hurriedly putting them into the muffin pans to mold them into round shapes.  :)  (no cutting them into squares needed!)

Our special valentine gift from our dear children with handmade beautiful cards.  I wish I had taken a pic of them as well!

We finished off by Mommy bringing home balloons!

While typing this my Dad just called to wish us a happy valentine's!  And, my bio dad also told us happy valentine's.  Now, Kenny's parents have called and are bringing the girls a valentine.  WOW!



Mrs. Stam February 14, 2012 at 6:01 PM  

Aww looks like tuns of fun, and Oh my,Madi looks sooo grown up now, what a beautiful lady :-)

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