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>> Sunday, February 19, 2012

When Mommy is home it seems everything goes much more smoothly and everyone is happy!  Including Mommy!

I am slowing down on my going places because it will save our gas and I need to be here to get things done and be with my children.  I've always been a people person and loved to go visiting and do stuff like that.  I love spending time with my friend, Leslie, and she enjoys it too.  We've been doing a little routine where I go to her house once during her time off and she comes to mine on one of the days.  This is great because we can hang out or help each other or whatever we decide to do.  Yet, it leaves me time to be at home to do the things that I am needed here for.  My kids are much happier as is my sweet hubby.  My house looks nice and each day it just gets better and better as well as maintained.  I enjoy it and it passes a lovely day.

My darling husband is fearful that I will get weary and not keep doing all that I am doing but I am trusting the Lord to keep my heart where it needs to be - at home and on my family.  I hope as he sees me continue without going so much that his trust and dependence on me continues to grow.  We have been so happy working together.  He's been working on his computer doing college and I've been cleaning, maintaining and running the household.  If I were away from home, it would leave everything on him and he would not be able to get many things done.

Home, husbands and children need mother's touch.  Whether it's kissing a boo boo, helping answer questions in homeschool or the touch that I put on our home.  Mommy really does set the tone of the home as my husband says.

My children have loved me being home and I am here most of the time now, putting away at doing my work, helping them, cooking, and all the things that need to be done at home and with my sweet family.  The Lord chose me for my husband, children and home.  So, again I must be here to fulfill that ministry God has placed me in.

I have agreed to take on one thing out of our home and that is to start helping on Wednesday nights with Team Kids at Church.  My girls have been going for quite some time.  It's from 6:30 til 8 PM.  I felt this was something I could do that would not put too much on my plate and would be yet another ministry and example to my children.

I hope you find encouragement here.  I am learning as I go!


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