Hospitality and My Day

>> Saturday, February 18, 2012

Today started off as a wonderful day.  I had planned as of last night that today we would make some muffins today.

We woke up and got things going around the home and then set out to make our muffins.

I decided we would make a double batch.  One to keep and one to take next door to meet our neighbor that we have not yet met.

Blueberry muffins it was!

Sarah Faith was stirring the batter for me.

Madi Grace took her turn to stir.  She said, "Mama, this batter seems a lot wetter than it usually is."  I had put the double batch together.  I thought it looked a little watery too but that it must be right.

Sarah Faith is pouring the batter in on her side of the pan.  It sure looked a bit milky but I just thought it was just turning out that way.

I flipped the pan around to make it easier for Madi Grace to reach as she poured hers in.  I got curious and looked back at the recipe.  OOPS!!!!  I had put in 1 cup of milk per batch so 2 cups of milk were in the batter.  I realized I had misread the recipe.  It called for 1/2 cup milk so I had double the milk in there.  I was not sure they would turn out.

They came out but were flat.  My hubby snuck one when I wasn't paying attention.  Thank goodness we were keeping half of them.  LOL!  He said they were good and very moist and the only trouble was that the blueberries were on bottom.  He said they were still good and I should still take some to the neighbor.  We fixed a plate of half a dozen muffins (he lives alone as a widow) and covered them.  We walked next door and knocked and knocked but no one came to the door.  So, tomorrow we will try again and if we get no answer we will eat them and make him some fresh ones on Monday and try again.  The next time I will know my lesson on the milk!

I did a few more things at home, just peacefully working at a gentle, enjoyable pace.  Then, I went to a friend's house and spent some time with her.  We went to eat and then to get a saw my husband was needing as he is building more of our furniture.  We had such a nice time.  I brought Hailey and Meagan home with me.  They are my God children as is their sister Jessica.  The girls played until very late and then all went to bed.  What a nice day!

Being hospitable is something I think is very important.  We wanted to bless Mr. Baker as we went over to meet him with some muffins.  Being alone I doubt he makes himself such treats and things.  We were dressed nicely and had our muffins to deliver and introduce ourselves.  I hope tomorrow he will be at home and answer the door so we can say hello and give him our treat.

Late this evening I have enjoyed spending time talking to my dear husband and just enjoying his company.  We've also had some talk about hard things we've been through and things we plan to do in the future.  We talked about being up on the mountain top in our relationship and our home life.... even tho our means are small right now.  God is just so good to provide all that we have.  We are just so much happier now than we were living away from our home area and traveling to make the money.

I am enjoying doing my housework and taking care of my husband and children.  Tomorrow we look forward to Saturday company.  It might get a bit messy but it will be simple to clean up.  I am fixing dinner for everyone.  Spaghetti.  Simple yet yummy.

Blessings to you and your family!


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