Today 2 of my girls were Baptised!

>> Sunday, March 13, 2011

Today, two of my precious daughters were baptised.  Madi Grace & Sarah Faith.  I feel so blessed, SO THANKFUL!  It was a very special time and a special day.

My husband's parents came up to see the girls be baptised even though my FIL has just finished chemo for Stage 2 Lymphoma.

They got here and of course we're slow so we were still getting ready.  They brought donuts and the girls had breakfast which was wonderful!! 

Then, we went to church.
Towards the end of the service it was time for the baptisms.

Madi Grace is walking down to join her sister in the baptistry.
They were baptised together.
 In this picture he is sharing about how quiet Sarah Faith was during their time together as he made sure she understood baptism.  He shared how even in her quietness he was able to tell she did fully understand.  He said a few more words and it was really special.

 Here Sarah Faith is coming up out of the water signifying a new beginning in life... a life with Jesus.

As you can see here, Madi Grace is coming up out of the water signifying that new life as well.  She thinks it's a funny picture because of the look on her face but she is literally just coming up out of the water.  I think it's precious!

Afterwards, we took everyone to eat at "Babes" which is a special place we love here and thought they would enjoy.  We all did!
Sadly, after we all ate, we had to say goodbye as they had to go  back home.

We had come home from the restaurant and one little turkey of mine had gotten back into the doughnuts!  hee hee!  I bet you can guess just which turkey it was!  Yep!  Hannah Joy!  LoL!

Silly girl, we adore you!

At the restaurant, Nonna & Popaw had given the girls a sack.  It had candy in it and a very special bracelet for Madi & Sarah.  They were even so thoughtful as to put in a Hermie movie for Hannah.  We love Hermie here and we didn't have that one!  Very sweet!
Above Sarah Faith is showing her purple bracelet on her wrist.

Here is an upclose view of it.  It's beautiful and had a heart with a pretty bling on it.  She really loves it!

Here Madi Grace is wearing her special bracelet for me!
Yes, both of their hair dried wild but I forgot to take a brush to the church.  Oops!

Here is an upclose of her beautiful dove with a bling in it.. such a pretty bracelet and she LOVES hers too!!!

After we came home from the restaurant, I ran to Wal Mart to get picture frames and to get my pictures printed.  Then, I ran by Michael's to get ones to paint for their room.
Here my precious husband has hung my pictures for me already.
The collage frame is from their baptism and then the single picture is of Kenny, the girls and his parents that turned out so nice.

I plan to paint their frames and add crosses to them tonight - the ones I got from Michael's for their rooms.

What a BLESSED day!


Mrs. Stam March 13, 2011 at 3:36 PM  


A Homemaker's Heart March 13, 2011 at 3:41 PM  

So many blessings!

Missionfieldof5 March 13, 2011 at 6:20 PM  

Oh what a beautiful day and I really love the picture frame that you have... Haley's pictures are here well some of them...I had it on burst that day so I think I captured about 40

I am so thankful to hear that all went well with the family.

No Ordinary Me March 13, 2011 at 7:34 PM  

Very cool. My Hannah is getting baptised next week./ How neat.

Tami March 13, 2011 at 10:22 PM  

praise God about your father-in-law!!!!!
and how wonderful about the girls!

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