Making my babies Happy!!!!

>> Thursday, March 24, 2011

After a fun-filled day, the girls used chalk from my friend Tamara, and drew all in the garage.  Afterwards, they used the bathtub markers to have fun getting clean and drawing in the tub.... forevahhh!  lol

Before they got in the bath, they had been mentioning throughout the day they were craving boiled eggs.
So, what would a Mom do in a situation like that?  :)

I made them their eggs!  :)  Please excuse the tea stains in my "once" pretty pink bowl.  My husband uses it to make my tea.
Eggs are peeled and ready to be eaten!  :)

The big girls jumped in to eat them.
I asked Hannah as she peered in the bowl, "Do you want one?"
She said, "no.  they're BAD!"  I said, "no honey, they are GOOD.  See Mae Mae & Pae Pae are eating them.  They're good."  I guess she thought I meant they were BAD as in BAD/GOOD.  So she said, "No, they're Bad,  Mama, they're BAD!!  They taste bad!"  LoL!
So she needed a treat too.  This is terrible but I gave her...
diet coke!

See, happy now!!!  :)  LOL!
Then, Sarah Faith decided she didn't like them either and wanted the rest of my diet coke.  (can)  So she finished that off.

Now, she's saying she'd like to try the eggs again.  Uhhh Huhhh, I got her trick down now!  LOL!
Oh how my children are a blessing to me!!!!


Mrs. Stam March 24, 2011 at 4:48 PM  

this is soooo sweet!

DeNiece Barnes March 25, 2011 at 5:27 AM  

You are so right Cassidy children are such a blessings...You have so beautiful girls...

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