Planting some Seeds & Cooking dinner with the children :)

>> Friday, March 18, 2011

Yesterday was so much fun!!
We enjoyed so much time together and yet we still got the house done.  I picked up a tiny little planter set from Michaels for each girl to plant a little tiny planter of flowers.  When they grow I'm going to move all of them into a bigger planter all together.
So here starts the fun!

Here Madi Grace is putting the water onto the potting mix DISC to make it expand and loosen up and get a bit of water into the soil.
Here, Brittany is adding the water for Hannah Joy!
She was looking at it so proudly.  I shouldn't have asked her to look up and smile because BOY is that a FAKE smile!  LOL!!!!
Here Brittany is working on her own!  :)
After you add the water, the disc of soil fills the planter up and you put in no more than six seeds.  Lightly pressing them down.  I accidentally put more than that in Hannah's so I hope hers will be okay.  I got two blue flowers and 2 red flower ones.

Sarah Faith joyfully working on hers!

The girls finishing up putting in their seeds.

I put them in the bay window in the kitchen with m y flowers and their little animals that grow grass as hair.  (Thank you Tamara for those gifts - we have had more fun with them!!!  They love to trim their hair)

The girls LOVE to help me cook!
We were making spaghetti so Sarah Faith was to make the noodles and Madi Grace was to brown the meat and add the sauce.

They were so excited!

Hannah Joy and those fake smiles, hee hee!
She was "watching" them cook but Mommy kept scooting her back so nothing would splash out and give her a boo boo.

Madi Grace fixed her hair and I thought it was pretty cute.

My proud cooks!  They are SO precious!
ALL my girls are and I'm so BLESSED!!!

I had to have their pics in their aprons!
Hannah is a ham and always wants in the picture.  Little cutie pie!

The finished product tho I must admit we had already made our plates when I took this picture.  More than half was leftover and the girls are warming it up in their bowls as I speak for lunch today.
They did a great job and it wa delicious!

I am SO blessed, Thank you JESUS!!!


Mrs. Stam March 18, 2011 at 10:59 AM  

love it!!!! Good job you all

Christy Lee March 18, 2011 at 12:59 PM  

You should send them up my way, they can plant my garden and cook me dinner because it looks YUMMY!!

Missionfieldof5 March 19, 2011 at 9:51 AM  

Isn't it fun to have them cooking in the kitchen!! Those look like fun little garden kits.

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