Mother/Daughters Date Today

>> Saturday, March 12, 2011

Today was awesome!  We had a mother/daughters date and they invited along their friend across the street, Brittany.

We had to wait for my hubby to get off work so we could go in the van so while we waited they played a game on the cell phone - the game called "Life" that we all grew up with.

Then, of course, Hannah had to make "Bubba" a place for a nap.

Once their Daddy got home, we were all set.  We loaded up and headed to McDon@alds for some ice cream!  Mmmm!

We took Hannah Joy to play with Daddy while we did the rest.
Then, we went to the Doll@r Tree and got some goodies.

Here we got one of those little princess ice packs to keep in the freezer for "boo boos."  I also got each girl their type set of headbands.  We go through markers like crazy so I got 2 sets.  They won't last long but none of them do.  And then I got a handwriting book for Sarah to go back over during school.  Her handwriting is nice but she needs to learn how high each part of the letter goes up to a little better.  So, practice will be good.

I needed a couple cleaning items.  So I got some Comet all purpose cleaner, some more circle scrubbies and then a shiny purple and a teal scouring pad!!  I grabbed the travel set because I'm going to try some of my sister's all natural things she's doing.  I got the flower for the yard because the kids loved it and then the BEST thing I got for me was a little sock pouch that is adorable.  It's for you to keep your change in!  :)  I loved them.  I bought 2 as I got one for a friend.

Isn't that adorable?!  I just loved it when the girls showed me!  :)

Then we went to a resale bookshop and Madi Grace sold a set of her books.  They each got Bible covers you will see in a pic below for the Bibles I have on the way here as a keepsake from their baptism tomorrow.  Super cute ones!

After that, we went to the library and got lots of books for Sarah Faith to read during her 30 minute reading time each day.  Last week, she had to reread books each day because she hadn't chosen enough.  This time she got 12-14 books so she should be fine.
Here they are at the library..

Madi Grace looks like she has a big meatball on her head!  LOL!

Sarah Faith being so silly like she's falling off or it's going fast!

Then we went to Wal Mart to get stuff for dinner and a vacuum.  Mine bit the dust and so we had to get another one.  It was hard to wait all week to get it on pay day.  (we're trying not to touch savings for ANYTHING less than a true emergency)

Madi Grace got a blue camo Bible cover & Sarah Faith got a dark green one.  They both have a cross or Christian fish as the zipper.
Hannah wanted in the picture too!  :)

When we got here I gave Hannah her treats from the Dollar Store.  She got some mermaids, a water/glitter baton, a "b@rbie" and a Mommy and baby horse.  She was thrilled!

We had a fabulous day together and came home worn out!
My  hubby made alfredo fettucine and meatballs and it was great.  We had them last weekend too but they are just SO GOOD!

A Thankful Mommy,


Mrs. Stam March 13, 2011 at 2:58 PM  

sounds like a lovely date, what a blessing :-)

Anonymous March 13, 2011 at 3:43 PM  

Wow, I just played some catching up with ALL your blog posts. It's good to read all your precious moments.

Anonymous March 13, 2011 at 10:26 PM  

i love that sock pouch too! glad you had fub!

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