Waking up to a Parade

>> Saturday, December 3, 2011

Today, my husband woke me up letting me know his  parents had called to remind us about the parade.  So, I got the girls all up and dressed as well as myself in about 15 minutes or less!  We were on our way!!!  We watched from their yard because the parade ends there and it's a lot of fun to watch it with Nonna & Papaw.

 I just *had* to take their picture by Nonna's sign, "Welcome to the Littles".  We need one just like it!

I thought this one was very special.  Papaw and Hannah Joy looking out to see the beginning of the parade heading our way!
Here are a couple of views of the parade.
There were TONS more but no need to add them all
(We love our volunteer firefighters!  We know many of them!)

Of course I couldn't help but post some of the horses!!!!  Yee Haw!!!
Some of the floats still had candy when they got to us, the very last house.  The girls got two bags filled nicely and began to eat their candy with the drinks from Nonna & Papaw!
What a lovely time we had!


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