Advent Day 1

>> Thursday, December 1, 2011

Today is the 1st day of Advent!
How very exciting!
The time to celebrate Jesus' birth is near!!!

Today we decided our first blessing to others would be to my parents because it is their 26th anniversary!  We are so blessed to have Mom & Dad.
So, we started the day out at my sister, KJ's house.
We love to go there and hang out with her and her boys!!  Cousins play and Sisters visit!
We decided to make them fudge and let each child make a card.  Here all the children are making their special cards to their GiGi & PaPa!

The fudge is in the center with a bow and little tied on card.  Around the fudge is every child's card.

Then they went outside to play.  Here Madi Grace is playing games on my phone relaxing.

Here are the rest of the children playing in the dirt, one of their favorite things to do, for sure!
Then, we all went to deliver the gift and cards to GiGi and PaPa.  They were blessed by it!

It was nice that on our first day of Advent we could start off all together doing this as cousins.  It was also wonderful that we were able to bless our parents on the first day of Advent.

More days to come of blessing others during Advent.  If you have *free* ideas we could do, Please SHARE!  We'd love to hear some more ideas.  Blessings!


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