Decorating our tree

>> Saturday, December 3, 2011

After the parade today, we came home and decorated our CHRISTmas tree!  :)

Jesus is the ONLY reason for the season!
This ornament means so much to me.  You see, it was on the tree my sisters and I decorated growing up, while living at home with Mom & Dad.
That makes it special but there's something even still to make even more special!
Do you remember when we lost the things in our home?  Well, we lost our ornaments too.
My sister, KJ, decided to give me one of her ornaments from our childhood tree.  I could *NOT* believe it when she gave me this one!  It's her favorite!  She always hung this one and it was always "hers."  I commented about all of this and she said, "that makes the giving of the ornament more of a sacrifice" and she'll never know how blessed I felt at that moment or how grateful.  And, I still feel those ways!  I have an amazing sister.  I love you KJ!
Sarah Faith & Hannah Joy decorating...

Madi Grace & Hannah Joy decorating..  :)
Dad (my hubby) is hanging the ornament his parents gave us last year from M.D. Anderson while his Dad was fighting cancer.  YEP, he beat cancer!!!!!!!

 This year, KJ, helped me find the perfect ornament to add to represent our year!  (a tradition I'm going to copy from her with her happy permission!)  It is a key with purple small stones in it.  It says, "The key to our 1st new house 2011"  It was just right!

The Little Children!

Hannah Joy - age 5

Sarah Faith - age 9

Madi Grace - age 11

What a blessing to be able to have such precious children and enjoy decorating the tree together.  A special Daddy/hubby too!!!!


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