Advent day 2

>> Friday, December 2, 2011

Today we decided to bless a little child by donating to the Shepherd's Shop.  It's ran by a local church by all volunteers and the prices are so cheap it's unreal.  I buy there often, myself.  They also help people in need at no cost.  So, I thought someone will definitely be blessed to find a few good toys waiting there just for them.

Each girl chose a toy that they could let go of to bless another child.  Hannah Joy gave one she still plays with but she said yes on giving it.
It was cute while we were there because she didn't quite understand what we were doing.  She kept asking them to put batteries in it.  lol  She left it with no fuss though.  God is good~!
As we were leaving the sweet lady (we know her), Ms. Suzie, tried to give them something to drink from the soda machine.  I told her they couldn't receive something for giving.  She said she understood and could she give them drinks the next time we were in their shopping.  I told her that would be wonderful!

I love this time of year.  Even little things, like we did today, will bless someone.  If everyone joined in, can you imagine how many people would be blessed around the whole world?
All Smiles,


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