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>> Saturday, January 29, 2011

I decided recently to make each of my girls a large crocheted blanket.  I crocheted them each baby blankets when I was pregnant with them that are rather large but won't fit them forever.

So, I decided this time to make them a HUGE one!
This first one I am working on is for Madi Grace.
It is 7 or 7 1/2 ft. long - yes, huge.  It will be about 6 ft wide when I'm done.  That will fit a big, big bed when she is grown and in the mean time she can completely wrap up and snuggle in it and use it on her twin bed as added warmth this winter or by itself in the summer since they breathe so well.  I'm using a homespun yarn called Quartz.  I think it's turning out so nice!

Madi Grace keeps saying she can't wait for it to be finished.
Here I am all laid back and comfy working on it and Miss Hannah Joy loves to be the one to give me more yarn at a time.  She will keep saying, "More?"  She'll pull off more yarn til I tell her to wait then she waits patiently til she sees it running out.  Then she'll say again excitedly, "More?!"  :)  It's been sweet how much she loves doing this.  She'll stop playing anything when she sees me go to work on the big blanket.  I've got to ask Hope if she would like one.  I'm not sure she will want one.  Sarah Faith is next.  She already "called it" because she and Madi Grace are only 21 months apart and when one gets something the other wants it too if it's something they like!
Since this picture I have done a lot more on it and it's getting so nice!  By the time I am finished I will have used at least 10 spools of that homespun yarn!  WOW!  Maybe one day I will get around to making Kenny and I one to put on our bed.  I'd like that but you know me - my babies are first, ALWAYS!

What have you been up to creating lately?
Share with me!  :)  I love getting ideas :)


No Ordinary Me January 29, 2011 at 8:35 PM  

How wonderful. What a great keepsake. I am trying to create a plan to catch up years of put off scrapbooking or lets just say trying to organize my pictures and actually have some printed copies not all stored on the computer.

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