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>> Sunday, January 9, 2011

Tomorrow is the drawing!
So, please be sure to enter if you are wanting to be part of the giveaway and have chances at winning an awesome cookbook!
(ebook, cookbook)  It's awesome!  

Connie's LOAN house runs on oil.  Kerosene.  When she got there to stay it was empty.  She used $250 raised by her Dad's old workplace to put oil in there and pay bills.  She is in urgent need of oil.  It's $23 per 5 gallon bucket.  That will last her about 2 weeks.  So please, even $1 counts.  Please help her get some more oil because she's only got 2 inches or a little less that she can still use and then she and Cheyenne will have no more heat and they are in the midst of a huge snowstorm!  I have been praying that GOD will bless her and I felt the need to blog this.
PLEASE, if you can, paypal her a donation by clicking "gift" on the paypal payment and help us all add up together to get some oil for her and her little daughter, Cheyenne.  There's nothing worse than losing all you own and then sitting there with almost nothing and being so horribly cold.  She barely runs any heat at all right now because she's afraid the oil is going to run out.  
Yes, I am begging for your help for her!!!!!
TRULY, if you can give $1 or $5 or even $23 for a whole 5 gallons of oil that would be a huge blessing.  Sometimes we wait for others thinking our dollar won't count, but in this case every single dollar counts and I ask you to open up your heart and imagine if you were a single mom with a little girl just trying to stay warm, let alone, pay your bills how you would feel and let that part of your heart lead you to help.  Connie is a wonderful person and I promise she will be grateful for every cent she gets so they can be warm.  Anything over that will help her pay her January bills so they have their needs met.
Thank you for hearing my cry for help!  ((don't forget you can buy her cookbook and get it in PDF or Word for a $6 donation))

To get to her website and paypal go HERE.


Missionfieldof5 January 9, 2011 at 12:38 PM  

May the Lord provide for her during this time of need.

Cassidy January 9, 2011 at 1:54 PM  

Thank you so much Melissa! *HUGS* You have a precious heart!!!!! Love you, Cass

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