Snow Days!

>> Monday, February 7, 2011

Last week we again got tons of snow and lots of ice!
It was so cold we could barely keep the house warm!
We took the week off for Winter break from school.

It really was *THAT* cold!
We all stayed bundled up and wearing extra clothing!
Madi Grace looks so adorable there all bundled up!

Hannah Joy is in extra layers with her hoodie on as well.
She loves loves loves to "cut" so she was fine and dandy to hop up at the table during the freezing cold and cut awhile... til Mommy made her get down and get under some warm covers!

Sarah Faith laying on the couch in her hoodie and pjs wrapped up in a blanket.  I was freezing!  The girls were too!!!!!

A cozy, tons of layers, pallet was needed!  So we grabbed up pillows and all the blankets and made a huge pallet and had a movie day!
We actually did this most every day last week just to stay warm!
So we spent our Winter Break under blankets watching movies!

A peek outside the back door.  I stood in the doorway to take this because it was freezing cold!  I thought it was beautiful though.

Then, I took some out the front door from the door way!

This is our sidewalk and believe me, I wasn't trapsing out in that!
On one of the days, Daddy took the girls outside to play and throw snowballs into the swimming pool.  I didn't go.  I was just too stinkin' cold!  They lasted about 5 minutes and were back indoors!

We had a nice time being off and having movie days.  It was relaxing and we got to just all enjoy each other.  Today, we started back to school.  It's still cold but not near as cold as it was last week!

Praying you have a blessed week!


A Homemaker's Heart February 8, 2011 at 8:07 PM  

Fun, fun, fun! I really love the snow. I'm actually missing it a bit but also have enjoyed the warmer weather, too. Wrap up in those blankets and enjoy those snow days.

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