All skirts? Headcoverings? Annointing Oil?

>> Thursday, June 14, 2012

Do you wear all skirts?  What about a head covering?

Let's start with skirts, shall we?  I have gone back and forth through the years of "all skirts" and times of not.  I want to follow God and do ONLY HIS WILL.  What are your thoughts?  What are your thoughts based on?  I tend to lean to "all skirts" but my husband does not believe this and we have 4 daughters that I am not allowed to put in all skirts/ dresses.  That always discourages me.  I also have family who make fun of me and tell me I look fat in the skirts.  Please, share with me.  Also, please share any tips.

Headcoverings...  I have many.  My husband loves for me to wear them.  He doesn't feel the need for our daughters to wear them.  He has, at times, had me put head coverings on all of us when there have been people around or going to be people in our home that we feel bring about bad spirits.  This hasn't happened while living back home, however.  Mainly it was when we lived in Florida next door to a lady and her daughter that I was trying to encourage in the Lord that considered themselves witches.  Please share your ideas and again, any tips you may have.

Annointing oil.  I fully believe in using it.  I need to find more scripture to back that up.  I have some in my purse, even.  Your thoughts?


Rivers of Water June 16, 2012 at 11:57 AM  

Hey there Cass, I made it down to FL. and so far so good. I just posted a video on my blog about skirts....

Wearing skirts or headcoverings always has to start in the heart...none of them are commanded although there are many that would say they are key doctrinal issues and there are discussions on both sides as to whether we are supposed to or not... but I would check out the video and see what the Lord speaks to your heart.

In any event, regardless of what your heart's desire is, the first priority is to follow your husbands leading, so it may not be a need to have dresses or skirts every single day no matter what....there are times when circumstances dictate different clothes, the idea would then be that no matter what we are wearing we are making sure that we glorify
God and not drawing attention to ourselves....ok so anyhow, I wish we lived next door so we could talk in person and get feedback from each other and bounce our thought processes off each other.

Have a blessed Father's Day tomorrow with your hubby.

Anonymous June 16, 2012 at 7:35 PM  

We wear mostly skirts, but do own pants.

Total agreement with comment above :)

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