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>> Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Home is more then the place you live in.

Have you ever try to explain to someone that you are a homemaker and what you do all day.

Some thinks that a homemaker is a domestic engineer, she cleans and cooks all day and her house looks like the "Better Home and Garden" magazine pictures. But lets face it, most of us (with young children) do not have that type of "well put together" home, and if we compare our house with those magazine, of course we feel like we don't measure up, that we failed as a homemaker. But reality is, life happen in our home, children have toys, they makes spills and write on our walls, and that is ok. We might not be the best housekeepers out there but that shouldn't stop us from being a HomeMaker.

Other view a homemaker as the one who is hospitable, who open her home to grand parties, with sophisticated food,  color coordinated table setting, she is the perfect hostess and people love attending dinner at her home. But really is she showing hospitality or is she entertaining her guest?

Showing hospitality means that the homemaker is seeking to serve needs of her guests.

If her guest needs food or a place to lodge, she will be willing to joyfully be at service, the food might be as simple as macaroni and cheese and a couch might be the place to rest for the night, but offered in love, in Christ love, this will have a greater impact. Maybe her guest needs to talk, to share his/her trouble, being there and willing to "really"listen to your guest, to pray for and with them, to share their burden, sorrow, pain and joy, all of this is part of showing hospitality.

What is a homemaker? what does she do? what would making HOME look like?

Making home could look different for my home then your, God each does give us gifts and different skills, to use for his glory. Making home does not need to cost us lots of money, nor should it be time consuming. Home should be a place where the people who are in it, either living there or just passing by, feel the love of Christ. Where they feel they can be open to share their pain, and joy, where they are welcome to eat and have fellowship, where they know they are prayed over.

But how can I make my home more ready to show hospitality.

  • Keep a easy routine to keep certain area visitor ready, not asking to clean your home top to bottom, but dedicate a room or two that will be company ready, no clutter or toys etc, your children can help.
  • Have a spot, kitchen table, couch etc... a place you can make comfortable to sit and have ~tea, coffee, juice, cookies ...~ where you can sit comfortably and be free to let you children, husband, guest open their heart.
  • Get dress, do your hair, you never know who will pop up, be ready
  • pray for your family, pray for your guest that are on their way, pray for opportunities to serve their needs.

Above all have cultivate a servant heart and spirit, share Christ love and smile lots.

Ps the pictures where taken at my mother inlaw home, I love the way she is maker her house a home, what a beautiful example of a homemaker. I love her.


Lisa Grace March 23, 2011 at 7:44 AM  

Thanks for this! Loved it :)

And so true ... it's not about being a housekeeper at all, and sometimes it's easy to get sidetracked with all the "doing" and forget about the truest parts of our role.

Mrs. Stam March 23, 2011 at 9:02 AM  

Mrs. Lisa Grace,
You are so sweet, thank you for your lovely comment!

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